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Mobile education with rewards and community.







New CDC-Approved Diabetes Prevention Curriculum.
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Get Prepared

Participants set weight loss goals, find their reason, and discover how to build healthy habits.

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Use Nutrition to Lose Weight

Participants learn how to shop and cook in a way that supports their weight loss journey.

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Get Active to Improve Fitness

Motivate participants to take steps to get active with simple plans that never require jogging.

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Become Inspirational

Participants celebrate their success and pay it forward as they become an inspiration for others.

Bonus Content for Their Best Results After Surgery
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Replacement Ready

A complimentary physical therapy course to prepare for surgery and then master the recovery process.

Designed by doctors

We know your reality.

We know you're busy
Your patients scan a QR code or click a link, and we take over from there (including ordering the repeat hemoglobin A1c).
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Your patients will earn points in our rewards program and activity challenges to redeem Fitbit devices and other surprise perks.
strengthen your relationship
We'll send you progress reports, success stories, and have sessions that promote leaving positive reviews for your institution.
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A smartwatch, digital scale, and mobile phone with a program

Do you want better outcomes for diabetics?
Let's solve this together.

We'll create a simple QR code and link for your specific organization.

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Lifestyle Coaching
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Activity Challenges
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Rewards Program

Then, participants start their year-long health transformation journey.

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Patient Satisfaction
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Better Post-Op Results
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Prevent Diabetes


Your patients can do this - we guarantee it!

If a participant does not lose 5% of their body weight in the first three months, Dr. Pacheco will coach them until they get there!


Built for a TikTok attention span,

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Available in Spanish
From "Empezar" to "Enviar"
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An interactive experience
Engaging education
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Delivered by text
Starts with a single click

but easy enough for Nanas with smartphones.

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clear medical guidance

Our signature consultation program.

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Find your answers here.

Are there any initial setup costs?
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There are no initial setup costs. You are helping us reach patients and fulfill our mission. That is more than enough!

How does the program fund the incentive reward?
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We believe in financial transparency. Transform10's development has been self-financed by the Founder, a physician who is passionate about building digital media and technology solutions. We are a Fitbit Health Solutions partner but receive no financial compensation from this relationship, and we pass on 100% of the savings to participants. We will bill insurance companies when possible and hope to strengthen our reimbursement relationship by proving our results.

What if we decide to start our own diabetes prevention program in the future?
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We love that idea, and we can help guide you with the CDC accreditation, lifestyle coach education, billing, and plan to offer the use of our platform and logistics for a small licensing fee.